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Aminea Vin & Sprit is a proud importer of Antoine Lienhardt, Bernard Baudry, Chateau Reynier & La Ganghija and Rafael Cambra to name a FEW (!) excellent producers!



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Prislista JULI 2024 Aminea Vin Sprit AB

(Restaurant price list)

Updated 2024-07-12

NEW LIST!! (Selection of  ”left over vintages, single or more bottles list”)

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FYI – Price requests via Systembolaget will automatically be denied.

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Through ”privatimport” you can, as a private person, buy most of Aminea Vin & Sprit AB’s wines.

For sales via Systembolaget (Privatimport), please email for prices.

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Mixed cases are always available!

Do you want to create your own mixed case? Not a problem! Pick and choose 6 bottles from the price list and send me a email!




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